Sailing to Zeewolde | 20 minutes

Sailing to Zeewolde | 20 minutes

Sailing to Zeewolde is easily and quickly arranged at BootToGo! Zeewolde is located in the middle of the Netherlands and is a place of relaxation. Here you will find the largest freshwater beach in the Netherlands, which is located on the elongated Veluwerandmeren! With lovely swimming water, idyllic jetties for recreational boating, canals and hidden fishing spots, this is the ideal location to explore from the water. Sailing to Zeewolde can also be combined with a nice walk or a drink on the terrace. In the city center, you can almost always dock by boat!

Recently, Zeewolde’s new lock was put into operation, allowing you to sail into the Polder. This lock provides a whole new cruising area, allowing you to cruise through the quiet polder canals and experience beautiful trips. When you come boating with us, you will receive a folder with possible boating routes.

Sailing to Zeewolde from starting point RCN harbor

From the RCN harbor, it takes about 20 minutes to sail to Zeewolde. After explaining the boat and its surroundings, the fun can begin! From the harbor, turn left toward Zeewolde and Harderwijk, then sail past the harbor of Strand Horst and Zeewolde Strand. After 15 minutes of sailing you will come across the island De Zegge, here at buoy WW37 take the turn to the left to continue sailing to Zeewolde.

Island the Zegge

The Zegge is a real family island with something for everyone. During the day, the island, with its beach and slide, is a playground for children. In addition, the island is full of quiet spots that are more than suitable for a relaxing picnic or a delicious barbecue. In addition, the island manager’s fire pit can be used for a true outdoor feel.

Port Zeewolde

Zeewolde harbor consists of four parts, of which the port of call is the most fun to sail through by sloop. Here you will find cozy restaurants, such as the Lux and San Mario’s. You can literally dock your boat in front of the door, making it ideal for having a drink or a bite to eat here.

History of Zeewolde

Zeewolde is located in the south of the province of Flevoland, between the Wolderwijd and the Nuldernauw, opposite Harderwijk, Ermelo, Putten, Nijkerk and Spakenburg. The name “Zeewolde” refers to the primeval forest that grew here before this era and was later inundated by sea water. Around 790, there was a village near what was then called Seaewald. Due to floods in the late Middle Ages, the village was inundated by the Zuiderzee. In 1968 South Flevoland was reclaimed and in 1979 Zeewolde became the domain of pioneering farmers.

Zeewolde has been an independent municipality since 1984, making it the youngest municipality in the Netherlands. Between water, meadows and forests, a village was built in a very short time and with it a community. Zeewolde is not only a unique place to live and work, it is also made for adventure! The vast and special nature, the beaches, the village character, the desire for honest products and the numerous water sports opportunities make this beautiful area a popular leisure destination for everyone!

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