Luxury sloop & tender for hire

Luxury sloop & tender for hire

Make a choice from one of the boats below:

Rent a luxury sloop? These three types of luxury sloops and tenders all have the engine concealed in a bun. This makes the boat much more graceful and much quieter. All boats in this category have a convertible top. Together with the modern 4-stroke injection engines, they guarantee a day full of fun!

Max. 6 pers.
Va: €90,-
Topcraft 565
Met luxe zit en rug kussen
Zeer stabiel en ruim
Met Cabriolet kap
Oud Huyzer 575 hoofdfoto
Max. 7 pers.
Va: €80,-
De Oud Huyzer 575
Max 7 personen
Incl 1 volle tank brandsof
Met cabriokap
Max. 8 pers.
Va: €100,-
Oud Huyzer 616 Tender
Max 8 personen
Grote cabriokap
Diepe veilige kuip

Luxury sloop & tender for hire

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Luxe sloepen en tenders in onze Vloot

Luxury sloops and tenders for a day on the water!

Our beautiful boats department, the luxury sloops and tenders.

Features for all these boats are:

  1. Motor Engine concealed in bun
  2. Luxury cushion set with fine seat and back cushions
  3. Spacious convertible top
  4. From the top brands Oud Huyzer or Topcraft.
  5. Modern 4-stroke injection engines, which are quiet and environment-friendly.

Renting a luxury sloop guarantees a great day out on the water. Relaxed cruising on the lakes and enjoying the surroundings, the peace, quiet and the cosy places in the area. Plan a nice trip to one of the old fishing villages along one of these Randmeren. Pay a visit to Harderwijk, Elburg or Spakenburg. Or relax on one of the islands in the Veluwemeer or Wolderwijd. In short, there are more than enough reasons to rent a boat and have a great time.