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BootToGo: About us and our story

17 years ago, we started renting out boats. We started with large (sailing) boats to motorboats, but during the years we started to specialise in the rental of open motorboats and sloops.

After trying out several brands of boats and engines, we found one supplier for all our boats and engines. Our engines are all the brand Tohatsu. This is one of the oldest manufacturers and the Japanese are known for their quality. We have also chosen for quality for our boats. Our brands include Oud Huyzer, Topcraft and Silveryacht. Well-known brands with which we have very good experiences.

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Geen vaarbewijs nodig!

Voor alle boten die wij verhuren heeft u geen vaarbewijs of ervaring nodig. Onze enthousiaste mensen geven eenvoudige en duidelijke instructies en voor u het weet vaart u lekker weg in een van onze boten. Op naar een heerlijke dag.

Our team and how we work

Our team consists of the owners and mainly young enthusiastic people. They like to be outside and give the customers a good time.

When you come to our harbour, you will be welcomed at the reception desk where we will quickly and efficiently take care of all the paperwork. You will then be accompanied by one of our staff members to the boat, where you will be given explanations about the operation of the boat and engine. You will also be informed where you can go, what are the best routes and which are the nicest places. If you have any questions, you can always ask, and we will try to answer them as good as possible.

Is it your first time? no problem. With some careful driving and a little explanation from us you will be sailing independently in no time, on to a nice day on the water.