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Large tenders en partyboats

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ith a group of friends, family, or you just want some space. Then it is best to hire a large tender or party boat. The Topcraft 606 tender boats are suitable for 10 people and on our party boats you can enjoy the boat with 12 people. Both types of boats are easy to drive by yourself and require no license.

Topcraft 606 hoofdfoto
Max. 10 pers.
Va: €90,-
Topcraft 606
Ruim en makkelijk te varen
De hond mag mee
Lekker breed en stabiel
Partyboot schuin van voren
Max. 12 pers.
Va: €100,-
Fijne loungebanken
Veilig voor kinderen
Super stabiel

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Rent a large tender or party boat

Do you want to rent a party boat with a large family or group of friends? Our tender sloops and party boats are ideal for that! Enjoy a BBQ on one of the islands in the lakes, such as the Veluwemeer or Wolderwijd. Grab a terrace in Elburg, Spakenburg or Harderwijk. Or just cruise around and enjoying the water and the company. We are located at the RCN camping in Zeewolde. An ideal starting point for a day out on the water.

Check out one of our information pages to find out which are the nice places in the area and which are the best routes you can take.